Clayton View Primary School has several areas of focus.
Most recently, we have invested large amounts of time & money into improving & developing specific target areas. This year, we have concentrated on Literacy, Numeracy, Science, and Digital Technologies.
We have also been heavily involved with Fogarty Foundation & Fogarty Edvance.
Fogarty Edvance's Vision is to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged students at state wide level in WA by 2020.

Literacy has been a large focus for our school this year. We have spent a substantial amount upgrading our resources for this area and look forward to seeing fantastic results.

Digital Technologies

This is a growth area and will be so important for our students for their futures so is a particular focus this year. We have equipped the school with the latest 'gadgets' that are used by the students & the specialist teacher in this area.
We are also extremely fortunate that this teacher also donates her time after school to run 'Coder Dojo' (a coding club)


This has been another area of focus this year and we have seen excellent results. Try challenging your student to a game of 'Who knows the times table the best' and see how you go!


This is a huge growth area for our school this year. We have invested lots of time and money into our brand new 'Science Resource Room'. This has been stocked with tubs full of items used for experiments and investigations. We have been lucky enough to have one of our teachers running a Science Club during lunch times this year.


Music is always a very popular subject . For the past few years our students have participated in One Big Voice rate it as one of the best experiences they have had.

Physical Education

At Clayton View Primary School, we believe a healthy body helps encourage a healthy mind. We are fortunate to own a large oval which the students can access at Recess and Lunch times. Our Phys-Ed Specialist encourages the students to attend before school commences and trains them to compete in both the school athletics & x-country carnivals.

We also have beautiful netball, basketball and tennis courts which we had resurfaced in 2016

Educational Focus