The School Board ensures the school community is involved with the school.

Therefore, we will outline the various functions of the School Board and its relationship with the P&C Association which enables you to be actively involved in our school.


  • The School Board helps to formulate the following aspects of the School Development Plan:

    • A clearly expressed, brief statement of the School's Vision and Purpose.​

    • The education outcomes the school is seeking for students

    • The school priorities for the next planning cycle.

  • Looks at performance information in summary format of the Annual Report to determine the success in achieving the schools purpose.

  • Endorses the school budget.

  • Ensures policies reflect the school vision.

  • Endorses the school operation plan & business plan.

  • To be a review body to ensure programs are in place and strategic plans are being undertaken.

The relationship with the P&C

  • The P&C Association provides financial and resource input to the school.

  • The P&C can also seek information and discuss matters which can then be passed on to the board for possible inclusion in the school development plan or policy.

  • The P&C cannot make policy for the school.

  • The P&C provides a representative for the school board, therefore, has some influence in the decision making process.

  • Both the board and the P&C need to have good communication with each other to enable the school to meet its purpose and vision.