At Clayton View Primary School we pursue innovative teaching techniques to prepare students to become resilient, creative and independent lifelong learners and critical thinkers. The school community provides a safe and supportive environment so that students experience success, have a strong sense of worth and are self-motivated and have the ability to cope with change. 

Clayton View Primary School was planned and constructed in 2003 in response to the amalgamation of Bellevue and Koongamia Primary Schools and is located within the Swan Education District. It has a semi-rural outlook to the South West with a golf course and light industrial business area to the south. Medium density housing surrounds the remaining area of the school.

The school is situated to the north east of the new shopping, business and residential precinct in Midland. 

The school has 15 teaching staff and 12 non-teaching staff that engage approximately 150 K - 6 students. The school community strives to provide technology to be used in a productive and responsible way, to ensure our students have the confidence to access technology as a tool to enhance their learning both now and into the future.

Purpose built buildings containing state of the art wireless computer labs along with fully mounted interactive whiteboards in both junior and senior areas provide excellent and authentic learning experiences for all students K -6.

Clayton View Primary School has a strong reputation within the District for providing high quality educational programs through an inclusive approach that has a strong commitment to the Curriculum Improvement Phase 2 and Building Inclusive Classrooms initiative.

Great importance is placed upon self-assessment in a whole school commitment to ensure effective pedagogy that reflects and strengthens our approach to Outcome Based Education. Staff are encouraged to continually develop their professional learning to ensure that pedagogy reflects the Principles of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, and is at the cutting edge of best practice.

In partnership with the parents and the community we provide opportunities for the students to attain their full potential academically, socially, emotionally and physically so as to become life long learners, confident, responsible and happy individuals, capable of contributing to society.

Parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to assist and participate within the school. Community support and mentoring groups assist and advise school staff to apply cultural knowledge. Clayton View Primary School has an enthusiastic School Council and active P & C.

If at any time you would like more work for your children while at home sick, on vacation, learning in a home environment, or simply to extend them, please see our new CVPS AT HOME section where you can find work for each year group.

For all student absences please email: ClaytonView.PS.Absentees@education.wa.edu.au

For help with your students online learning please email: ClaytonView.PS.LearningSupport@education.wa.edu.au



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